May 30, 2011

Beach Trip Gouda for teh Writing Eh??

Yeah, don't ask about the title.
But anywho, I am going to fort morgan gulf shores this weekend when I am done with exams at school, and I am thinkin': reading, writing, and soaking up some sun with some light sun screen since I am freezing as we speak because of my sunburn that is ravaging my shoulder flesh D: And I really think that my work ethic is improving between JFK projects, French catch-ups, and kenpo, so I promise I will blog more often and it will begin to be more NANO oriented. Ok so I think I am gonna put up some summaries for my NANO maybe plotties (PLOT-BUNNIES :D) and let yall decide. Prolly more like the little things on the back of books actually. See which yall would be more likely to read ^-^
But anywhos Byes for NOW yall.
HUGLLES AND KISERES! ANd don't forget to eat eat cHINESE and to and Spell gRamar check. AND neVer lotion on raw skin!
Love yall!
--Kitty Cavana