Mar 7, 2011

Franch Class

Hey all yall B-E-A-Utiful readers(JJ)! lol I am currently sitting in my 5th period French Access class doing just about anything but French work. Yeah I procrastinate ALWAYS GET MY WORK DONE ON TIME!! YES! But anyways I am super bored and really hyper from lack of sleep hince the focus and doing my work issues. I am actually surprised that I am typing so clearly and messing up minimally while typing this. OH! and I am also super duper a wolf. HA Just Kidding. But seriously I am for reals hungry.
Anywho AGAIN I am going to be doing a beast ton of work this up coming week on projects and getting stuff ready for PROM! That's right me and my guy are going to prom together this next Friday. Gonna be SO much fun and I absolutely ADORE my dress. Don't even ask about the price.
After that tho I promise to update this way more because I will be starting my ASSAULT ON THE PLOT BUNNY HIDEOUT!!! That's right all. My plot bunnies have been hiding but once these school projects are done and out of the way I WILL be finding my precious little hopper friends whereever they may roam.*evil laugh and lightening with thunder*
So here is where I bid thee goodmorrow.
So PEACE< LURVES> AND PEANUT BUTTER <KISSERS> And remember to always taunt your teachers and never lick a hot sidewalk. Oha and sorry bout the drab colors D: but I really gotta get offa here.
---Kitty Cavana