Jun 1, 2011

Hey Again

Hey you guys! Ok so you know how I said that I would be blogging more often? Well second blog in three days baby!!!!
BUT I promise I won't be posting quite this often unless I have something to update yall on like a huge leap in progress or something else of the sort. Like this update. :) So I have this a-MAY-ZING friend who printed off all of these super motivating papers off for me that unless I fill them with words will eat me and my family as we sleep at night. O--kay so maybe they won't do that, but they will SO haunt my dreams! Anyways what she printed off for me is planning pages. They're for chapter and even paragraph planning! Also a bunch of pages sayin to write a certain amount of words for different things during NANO such as '34 words if your room is a disaster', '500 words if you like Twilight', and '1 word if you hate it(Twilight)' Deffinate thumbs up for the last two! lol
But I have to go lovelies! I have packing, cleaning, and planning to do!
So Huggies and Kissies and don't forget to bite your puppies and kitties if they bite you, and never ever EVER scrub a sunburn(trust me!)!
---Kitty Cavana

May 30, 2011

Beach Trip Gouda for teh Writing Eh??

Yeah, don't ask about the title.
But anywho, I am going to fort morgan gulf shores this weekend when I am done with exams at school, and I am thinkin': reading, writing, and soaking up some sun with some light sun screen since I am freezing as we speak because of my sunburn that is ravaging my shoulder flesh D: And I really think that my work ethic is improving between JFK projects, French catch-ups, and kenpo, so I promise I will blog more often and it will begin to be more NANO oriented. Ok so I think I am gonna put up some summaries for my NANO maybe plotties (PLOT-BUNNIES :D) and let yall decide. Prolly more like the little things on the back of books actually. See which yall would be more likely to read ^-^
But anywhos Byes for NOW yall.
HUGLLES AND KISERES! ANd don't forget to eat eat cHINESE and to and Spell gRamar check. AND neVer lotion on raw skin!
Love yall!
--Kitty Cavana

Mar 7, 2011

Franch Class

Hey all yall B-E-A-Utiful readers(JJ)! lol I am currently sitting in my 5th period French Access class doing just about anything but French work. Yeah I procrastinate ALWAYS GET MY WORK DONE ON TIME!! YES! But anyways I am super bored and really hyper from lack of sleep hince the focus and doing my work issues. I am actually surprised that I am typing so clearly and messing up minimally while typing this. OH! and I am also super duper HUNGRY...like a wolf. HA Just Kidding. But seriously I am for reals hungry.
Anywho AGAIN I am going to be doing a beast ton of work this up coming week on projects and getting stuff ready for PROM! That's right me and my guy are going to prom together this next Friday. Gonna be SO much fun and I absolutely ADORE my dress. Don't even ask about the price.
After that tho I promise to update this way more because I will be starting my ASSAULT ON THE PLOT BUNNY HIDEOUT!!! That's right all. My plot bunnies have been hiding but once these school projects are done and out of the way I WILL be finding my precious little hopper friends whereever they may roam.*evil laugh and lightening with thunder*
So here is where I bid thee goodmorrow.
So PEACE< LURVES> AND PEANUT BUTTER <KISSERS> And remember to always taunt your teachers and never lick a hot sidewalk. Oha and sorry bout the drab colors D: but I really gotta get offa here.
---Kitty Cavana

Oct 31, 2010

Hey Yall! It's me again and I am FREAKING OUT!!!!!


That's right yall I am going into NaNo completely unprepared! AHHHH!!!

I have about 3 or 4 different stories that I want to do and that would be AMAZING to do, but I'm not sure if I would pull any of them off. >.< There are so many ideas and details swirling in my head, and I am so excited that I may finish and worried that I won't finish all at the same time! ugghhhhh! NaNo wants to kill me before it even begins!!

But on another note I have a boyfriend!!! lol no he's not my first :P but I'm still super duper happeh about it because I really like him and he's uber sweet n so funny :) We always have so much random fun and we text always. Just wish me luck and pray for the best for me ^-^ JJ you know!!

BUTT!!! back to NaNo I must get started on my planning right now!! and I will start writing at midnight no matter what!! JJ you absolutely MUST make sure I'm up. In fact I'm texting you right now to text me and wake me up. I'll leave my phone on uber loud just for this.

One last thing, if you could help me find someone who is really amazing at covers and you've seen a lot and think you know what I would like, please send me to someone!! I want a cover to my story, WHICHEVER ONE I PICK, to make me want to finish even more. And also I will be putting up a synopsis or whaterer that word is on my NaNo profile for you to see JJ when I pick my story.

Well wish me luck and loves and kisses to all yall out there in cyber ... wait change in plans!!! I'm taking my little niece trunk or treating!! Less and Less Planning Time! Wish me EXTRA LUCK AND POWER UP SHROOMS yall!!!!

Well Byes For Now!
---Kitty Cavana

Oct 24, 2010

My Ah May Zing Weekend!!!...last weekend up until today ^-^

Well hey yall!!!! It's me again!! And so much has happened since I last wrote. The past week has been jam PACKED with excitement and random stuff that I enjoyed a TON. So without further adeuo(SP) this is what has been goin on with me: I had an awesome game last Friday, an even more amazing day Saturday at the Curry Band Competion where my band got ALL ONES!!!! BEST IN CLASS BAND!!!! AND! BEST IN CLASS COLORGUARD!!!!! oh yeah thats me!, and SANTA SIGNED MY SHOE!!!,we also went and partied in McFreakinDonalds afterwards to celebrate!!so that was pretty awesome!, the guy I like said that he likes me too(and how I talk EEEP! >.<), I started and finished my project in Mr. Mooney's history class(so stressfull yall have NO IDEA), I drew a doll, only had half a school day thursday, Friday had another awesome game, even though I dropped my flag, then yesterday I got a haircut and DIED....not really of course. lol It was for my youth group's murder mystery party. I went as London Wilton(ParisHilton) and got killed by the baker. D:  
But ANYWAYS!!!! Back to the reason that I even made this blog. There is only seven more days until NaNo!!!!! And I am NOWHERE NEAR READY FOR IT!!!! I have been catching up on my French work and havent had any time to work on planning. I was going to make a planning wall but I haven't even started on it!! Urg I should get on my French now, so byes all and I'll write ya laters!
But FIRST!!! Never lean on glass dogs and remind me to blog mine and my friends' story to you all ^-^
Lurves NNNN Kisserrs!
---Kitty Cavana