Jun 1, 2011

Hey Again

Hey you guys! Ok so you know how I said that I would be blogging more often? Well second blog in three days baby!!!!
BUT I promise I won't be posting quite this often unless I have something to update yall on like a huge leap in progress or something else of the sort. Like this update. :) So I have this a-MAY-ZING friend who printed off all of these super motivating papers off for me that unless I fill them with words will eat me and my family as we sleep at night. O--kay so maybe they won't do that, but they will SO haunt my dreams! Anyways what she printed off for me is planning pages. They're for chapter and even paragraph planning! Also a bunch of pages sayin to write a certain amount of words for different things during NANO such as '34 words if your room is a disaster', '500 words if you like Twilight', and '1 word if you hate it(Twilight)' Deffinate thumbs up for the last two! lol
But I have to go lovelies! I have packing, cleaning, and planning to do!
So Huggies and Kissies and don't forget to bite your puppies and kitties if they bite you, and never ever EVER scrub a sunburn(trust me!)!
---Kitty Cavana

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