Oct 31, 2010

Hey Yall! It's me again and I am FREAKING OUT!!!!!


That's right yall I am going into NaNo completely unprepared! AHHHH!!!

I have about 3 or 4 different stories that I want to do and that would be AMAZING to do, but I'm not sure if I would pull any of them off. >.< There are so many ideas and details swirling in my head, and I am so excited that I may finish and worried that I won't finish all at the same time! ugghhhhh! NaNo wants to kill me before it even begins!!

But on another note I have a boyfriend!!! lol no he's not my first :P but I'm still super duper happeh about it because I really like him and he's uber sweet n so funny :) We always have so much random fun and we text always. Just wish me luck and pray for the best for me ^-^ JJ you know!!

BUTT!!! back to NaNo I must get started on my planning right now!! and I will start writing at midnight no matter what!! JJ you absolutely MUST make sure I'm up. In fact I'm texting you right now to text me and wake me up. I'll leave my phone on uber loud just for this.

One last thing, if you could help me find someone who is really amazing at covers and you've seen a lot and think you know what I would like, please send me to someone!! I want a cover to my story, WHICHEVER ONE I PICK, to make me want to finish even more. And also I will be putting up a synopsis or whaterer that word is on my NaNo profile for you to see JJ when I pick my story.

Well wish me luck and loves and kisses to all yall out there in cyber ... wait change in plans!!! I'm taking my little niece trunk or treating!! Less and Less Planning Time! Wish me EXTRA LUCK AND POWER UP SHROOMS yall!!!!

Well Byes For Now!
---Kitty Cavana

Oct 24, 2010

My Ah May Zing Weekend!!!...last weekend up until today ^-^

Well hey yall!!!! It's me again!! And so much has happened since I last wrote. The past week has been jam PACKED with excitement and random stuff that I enjoyed a TON. So without further adeuo(SP) this is what has been goin on with me: I had an awesome game last Friday, an even more amazing day Saturday at the Curry Band Competion where my band got ALL ONES!!!! BEST IN CLASS BAND!!!! AND! BEST IN CLASS COLORGUARD!!!!! oh yeah thats me!, and SANTA SIGNED MY SHOE!!!,we also went and partied in McFreakinDonalds afterwards to celebrate!!so that was pretty awesome!, the guy I like said that he likes me too(and how I talk EEEP! >.<), I started and finished my project in Mr. Mooney's history class(so stressfull yall have NO IDEA), I drew a doll, only had half a school day thursday, Friday had another awesome game, even though I dropped my flag, then yesterday I got a haircut and DIED....not really of course. lol It was for my youth group's murder mystery party. I went as London Wilton(ParisHilton) and got killed by the baker. D:  
But ANYWAYS!!!! Back to the reason that I even made this blog. There is only seven more days until NaNo!!!!! And I am NOWHERE NEAR READY FOR IT!!!! I have been catching up on my French work and havent had any time to work on planning. I was going to make a planning wall but I haven't even started on it!! Urg I should get on my French now, so byes all and I'll write ya laters!
But FIRST!!! Never lean on glass dogs and remind me to blog mine and my friends' story to you all ^-^
Lurves NNNN Kisserrs!
---Kitty Cavana

Oct 13, 2010

Day In The Life of The Cat

Hello my beautiful bloggers!!!! Today SUCKED *caugh* er was amazing... Well I started off the day with a big fat PSAT TEST!!!! YEAH! NOW THAT"S THE STUFF THAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF!! Yeah not really. BUTT! I did take a psat today and let me tell you it was really really boring. I hope that the ACT is at least slightly more eventful because I have to BURN take one soon. Meh oh well if not maybe I'll just draw little dinosaurs or Phineas and Ferb all over it(WARNING: Do Not Try This If You Are Not Me or Average). But ANYWHO! The rest of the day was pretty uneventful as well. And here is what happened the rest of my ahMAYzing day: I skipped four classes, did nothing in math, listened to CARE BEARS on FIRE in SUCK French, ate a gross yummy school lunch, was asked if I was dating one of my friends, was told that someone likes me, was found out about the guy I like, was BUGGED about said guy, ate chinese HECK YEAH!, watched half of a movie, worried about my grades, busted my lip n scratched my chin OW! >.<, was reminded about a MURDER MYSTERY PARTY FOR CHURCH!!!, and was told that my new purity ring was probably gonna be waiting for me at church tonight. *takes a big breath* So that is what happened today.  Right now  I should be doing homework or getting ready for church, but I decided to write you jj all of yall first ^-^ I'll prolly go to church with a wet head now. :) OH YEAH!!! I ALMOST FORGOT!! I petted my cat Spok today too. She's so loving.

WELL much lurves and kissers n never hesitate to confess your like to someone or to steal a jackhammer. But never steal a panda's cheeseburger kay??
---Kitty Cavana

Oct 11, 2010

Bonjour! JKJK lol Hiya

Hey Hey Fellow Bloggers and or Blog Readers!! Well, I'm new to this whole blogging thing so please bear with my randomocity and slow postage. I will be starting  this blog to tell all of you lucky people about my... *drumroll*...NANOWRIMO!!! YaY!!  Well if any of you are doing Nano out there, I would love to hear any stories of your past NaNoWriMo successes and/or failures. This will be my third attemt at making the deadline. Maybe this year I will actually make it anywhere near remotely close to finishing. ^-^ That's right the last two times I didn't even make it past week one. BUTT! Yess with 2 't's. I am EXTREMELY determined to finish it this year and I know that I will have a lot of people behind me that will push me and peeve me and make me want to kill them. Ahhh the sweet smell of annoying support! Anywho! Although I may want to kill you in the very near future, I want any and all of you to help steer me towards my goal, and I promise not to actually harm you in any way, shape, or form while you do so. So Thank you in advance, and I will continue to thank all that support me or just make me laugh during this ordeal.  :]

Well MUCH lurves and kissers!!! n don forget to bug your siblings and lick light poles! BUT! Never ever poke a rabid chipmonk! kay??
--Kitty Cavana