Oct 24, 2010

My Ah May Zing Weekend!!!...last weekend up until today ^-^

Well hey yall!!!! It's me again!! And so much has happened since I last wrote. The past week has been jam PACKED with excitement and random stuff that I enjoyed a TON. So without further adeuo(SP) this is what has been goin on with me: I had an awesome game last Friday, an even more amazing day Saturday at the Curry Band Competion where my band got ALL ONES!!!! BEST IN CLASS BAND!!!! AND! BEST IN CLASS COLORGUARD!!!!! oh yeah thats me!, and SANTA SIGNED MY SHOE!!!,we also went and partied in McFreakinDonalds afterwards to celebrate!!so that was pretty awesome!, the guy I like said that he likes me too(and how I talk EEEP! >.<), I started and finished my project in Mr. Mooney's history class(so stressfull yall have NO IDEA), I drew a doll, only had half a school day thursday, Friday had another awesome game, even though I dropped my flag, then yesterday I got a haircut and DIED....not really of course. lol It was for my youth group's murder mystery party. I went as London Wilton(ParisHilton) and got killed by the baker. D:  
But ANYWAYS!!!! Back to the reason that I even made this blog. There is only seven more days until NaNo!!!!! And I am NOWHERE NEAR READY FOR IT!!!! I have been catching up on my French work and havent had any time to work on planning. I was going to make a planning wall but I haven't even started on it!! Urg I should get on my French now, so byes all and I'll write ya laters!
But FIRST!!! Never lean on glass dogs and remind me to blog mine and my friends' story to you all ^-^
Lurves NNNN Kisserrs!
---Kitty Cavana

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